Artificial intelligence:
Service area

By using AI in the service area, customer service is significantly improved and the company’s own costs for service management are reduced.

Areas of application:

  • Immediate and automated response by email to any kind of service portal requests by customers
  • Possible 24/7 service:
    • Blocked users
      Immediate and automated unblocking after a few seconds
    • Forgotten certificate password
      Immediate and automated certificate generating
    • Forgotten PIN, immediate and automated PIN generating
    • Lost token or new terminal device (mobile phone), immediate and automated re-registration


The use of artificial intelligence in the area of service management brings an increase in efficiency of the entire process chain and shortening of development times and increases competitiveness.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction through intelligent, automated and fast
    system response times
  • 24/7 services at extremely low costs
  • Reduction of processing time and simultaneous reduction of personnel costs
  • Error prevention
  • Multilingual processing is possible for standard cases

Model project:

The first large automotive model project in software development combining artificial intelligence has already been successfully launched.