Dev Ops – From Build to Release

We support the Dev engineers while taking over the Ops part fully for our customers. A prime example is the HMI for infotainment systems.

Individual software components from different development teams are built by us into main software using our high performance servers. We automate, optimize and generate reports for multiple software variants having multiple dependencies.

After an update of individual software component, the new HMI software is continuously built, tested and delivered. Often our customer has several product lines at the same time for which we do the release on a daily basis.

Our advantages:

  • Largely automated software DevOps process
  • Our individual project support tools optimized for you
  • Decades of experience in large software projects
  • Active optimization of the software development process
  • The complete integration process including testing, secure hosting
    and user management from one hand

Our tasks:

  • Coordination with the agile teams via meetings, tickets, email
  • The daily build, test and release of the software
  • Continuous monitoring of each DevOps jobs with appropriate controls
  • Comprehensive Reporting to software developers and their managers